Copper, a precious metal, is known for its longevity, beauty and resistance to corrosion. Copper is one-third stronger than stainless steel, and its combination of strength and beauty helps memorialize a remarkable life.


Solid Oak Hardwood, Almond Velvet Interior, with a natural Oak finish

Steel, known for its affordability and long-lasting performance, is one of the most popular of casket materials. From the highest quality 16-gauge to a minimum quality 20-gauge, thickness determines the general quality and price.

Golden Rose

UG2-828-CDH Golden Rose
Light Pink Velvet
Charpente Interior
Basic Brushed Stainless Steel

Sierra Wheat

Medium Weight 18 Gauge Steel-Brown
Rosetan Crepe Interior
Living Memorial Program

Star Quartz

Medium Weight 18 Gauge Steel-Brown
Champagne Velvet Interior
Dual Overlay (Laced or Tailored)
Personalization Features Available
Memory Safe Drawer


Medium Weight 18 Gauge Steel-Silver
Rosetan Crepe Interior
LifeView Panel FeatureLifeStories Medallion/Corner Option


Medium Weight 18 Gauge Steel-White
Moss Pink Crepe Interior
Living Memorial Program


20 Gauge Steel-Gold
Rosetan Crepe Interior
Living Memorial Program

Ocean Blue

20 Gauge Steel-Blue
Ivory Crepe Interior
LifeStories Medallion Feature
Living Memorial Program

Aries SIlver

20 Gauge Steel-Silver
Ivory Crepe Interior

Triton Brown

NGS-CT Triton Brown
Ivory Taffeta Interior
20 Gauge Steel

Wood, a natural and environmentally sound choice, is selected for its warmth, beauty, and uniqueness. A variety of different woods offer an array of personalized choices.

cameron Oak

5V4 865 HD Cameron Oak Champagne Velvet Interior Premium Oak Veneers with Engineered Wood Construction and Oak Solids

Hartwick, Champagne Sierra

Solid Hardwood w/Walnut Trim-Medium
Champagne Sierra Interior
Dual Overlay (Lace or Tailored)LifeStories Medallion® OptionLifeSymbols Corner® Option


4V1-891-HD Trenton Poplar Rosetan
Crepe Interior Premium Hardwood Veneers with Engineered Wood Construction and Hardwood Solids

Bailey, Champagne Linwood

Select Hardwood Veneer-Medium
Champagne Linwood Interior
LifeSymbols Corner® OptionLifeStories Medallion® Option
Living Memorial® Program


Solid Hardwood-Medium
Rosetan Crepe Interior
Dual Overlay (Lace and Shirred)
LifeView® Panel Feature
Living Memorial® Program


Solid Oak-Medium
Oatmeal Duck Cloth Triple Overlay
LifeStories Medallion Option
LifeSymbols Design Option
Living Memorial Program